Patient Testimonies


"Thanks again for all of your help! :) I never expressed my gratitude for how thorough your research goes for each patient."  GB

"Thank you Carolyn. I am looking forward to some changes! It's great to talk with a professional about "the list" and leave feeling that you have been listened to. I feel that traditional doctors use fibromyalgia as a wasteland diagnosis and that there HAS to be something that causes it and/or makes it flare. I'm in this all the way."  BJ

"When I first came to P & H I had 2-3 good days per month. Now I feel I only have 2-3 bad days each month."  CB

"I am feeling MUCH better and I am really surprised how much more energy I have!! I am also amazed (in the reading I have been doing) how all my "issues" are connected-hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, anemia. I don't think we learned all this in nursing school! Words cannot express my appreciation for your wisdom and help. I look forward to meeting with you again next month and thank you very, very much for your care."  SP 

"Thank you Carolyn! I had a nice day yesterday. I feel very good but am excited to get my hormones a little more regular. Thanks for all the emails and information that you have sent. I appreciate all you've done for me over the years. I guess you could say I've come a long way from where I was about 7 years ago." EL

"THANK YOU CAROLINE!!! Not that you need it, but if you ever need a recommendation let me know!! You have saved my life!!! THANK YOU for always being there to help me. You always care more than any other provider I have ever been too!!"  WS

"When I first met Carolyn I was desperate. I had severe insomnia related to menopause for six years and had seen several doctors and tried many prescription medicines, including every sleeping pill available. Carolyn was the ONLY expert to fully test me and the ONLY expert to spend more than 15 minutes with me in order to put all the puzzle pieces together. It took some time and money but she figured out the problem and I am now sleeping soundly. She gave me my life back!"  CM-Central Iowa

"After my pregnancy in 1971, my body chemistry changed. I had gained 50 pounds and never could lose the weight. I would experience sudden weight gain of 20 pounds or more. Over the next 35 years, I went from doctor to doctor, covering Colorado, Iowa and Missouri. I complained of the SAME symptoms throughout those 35 years: can't lose weight, sudden weight gain, hair thinning, loss of eyebrows, constant upset stomach, bloating, gas, belching, extreme fatigue by 3:00 PM. Many doctors prescribed thyroid medication, without much testing. NOTHING worked.

I found out about Carolyn through friends. I could tell my life was going to change from the first time we talked. Carolyn ordered tests that I've never had before, for hormones and Candida. I suspected since the early 1980's that I probably had Candida problems. A doctor prescribed anti-fungal medication without testing me. I only had one prescription and no further investigation. All the doctors, and my husband, thought I was a hypochondriac. Doctors hated to see my list of symptoms. I just felt that I should not be feeling the way I felt. Not only did Carolyn order the correct tests, she also knew how to interpret the tests correctly. She prescribed supplements to correct stress-related damage to adrenal glands, and iodine to correct a thyroid problem. I was also placed on an anti-fungal diet. Within 2 days after starting the supplement and diet regime, I was a new person. Weight started falling off, my energy level skyrocketed and I no longer experienced digestive problems. Through careful monitoring of supplements and testing, Carolyn is maintaining a health program which has made a world of difference in my life. I'm so thankful that I continued looking for answers and that I found Carolyn." BN, Central Iowa woman

"For 3 years, I had been traveling from Iowa to California, where my daughter lives, to have breast thermography screening done. The second year, thermography showed a slightly suspicious area of elevated heat in one breast. The third year the area was even warmer, and became cause for concern. That's when I began doing research at home, and found Carolyn Walker, ARNP. I brought copies of the thermography images to Carolyn, and we discussed some options I could take to reduce my risk of developing something more serious.

After following Carolyn's recommendation for two years, I was extremely thrilled that my next thermogram came up normal! This year's thermogram turned out well, too.

During this entire time, I also scheduled regular mammograms and an ultrasound for the suspicious area. Nothing serious showed up in any of those tests. However, the difference in the thermograms is quite dramatic. I am convinced that had I not caught this issue early, I would have had serious future problems with which to contend.

I am very happy that I don't need to travel to California for thermography; it is right here in my own backyard!" MG-Central Iowa

"Over a period of 3-4 years, after a total hysterectomy, I went from being a healthy well-balanced individual to one who was anxious, depressed and sometimes fearful. My body ached and I didn't have the energy I was accustomed to. Physicians gave me anti-anxiety agents and antidepressants which only added to my problems. I learned about Prevention and Healing of Iowa and made an appointment. Carolyn took the time to listen to my story. She patiently worked with me and prescribed various approaches to restore my health. In just a few months I began to feel better and actually believed there was hope. After one year I am thankful to be feeling energetic and healthy again."  EM, Central Iowa woman