Functional Medicine


Living in a toxic world can create many health challenges unknown to many traditionally-minded practitioners. Allopathic medicine does a great job with acute conditions but often falls short when it comes to chronic conditions.

It is very hard to address the underlying cause of a person's illness in a 15 minute office visit--especially if one is not aware of testing that can be done to look at environmental toxins. It is our goal to help our clients in finding a "root cause" to their condition and symptoms if possible. 

Wellness & Healing


For those who are interested in having a consult with Carolyn or Marty at P & H, you will need to fill out a health history (and policy/procedure form if seeing Carolyn Walker). These forms will need to be mailed/faxed/delivered to our office at which time an initial appointment will be made. Please go to the "appointments" link for these forms/more information.

Carolyn has been working with Bioidentical Hormones and Thyroid balance in a Functional Medicine capacity for almost 20 years.  She has taught Adult Education classes on the topic of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy from January 1999 to 2017. Carolyn will still do teaching on Essential Oils which she has done since 2012.

She and her co-worker, Marty Rhea, taught Adult Ed class, Environmental Toxins and Your Health until Marty moved to Texas in 2014. Marty continues to work with Iowa clients using "remote" technology with the Zyto Elite and Evox systems from her Texas office.  

 In 2019 Heather Brown, LMT, joined P & H offering massage and Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) modalities.  Please read more about Heather's exciting work on our website and Blog!

Our Mission


 To promote a healthier universe of people living abundant lives while maintaining healthy bodies, minds & spirits. To educate people in health and wellness as evidenced by prevention of illness and maintenance of health in a holistic manner. Our goal is to practice using naturally effective therapies.