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Young Living believes that you and your family deserve products that are genuine, free of harmful synthetics, and of unmatched purity. Seed to Seal® is our promise to you that we are committed to providing just that to your family. From the seeds we plant to the moment we seal our bottles, we focus on naturally occurring and high-quality components to provide you with a pristine final product without compromise.


I am Carolyn Walker, a Nurse Practitioner, who became interested in aromatherapy years ago. At the time, I was busy with a goal of starting my own holistic functional medicine clinic so this interest was set aside. In 2009 I learned about Young Living’s products at an exhibit during a conference I was attending. I decided to become a Member of Young Living’s family of Distributors to learn more about the essential oils. I am amazed at their effectiveness.

I have had occasional classes about the oils and hope to have more…I will email existing YL team members of these or you can contact my clinic for more information. I will work privately with non-Young Living people without a fee should they sign up on my team/learning more about essential oils in their lives.

Young Living grew more in 2014-2015 than it had in the first 19 years since its inception. To me, that speaks for itself. Dr. Gary Young was truly a "master" at what he did and believed. Unfortunately, he passed away May 2018 but the Company still thrives!. His passion for excellence in promoting wellness using essential oils is manifested in the millions of people around the globe who now use his oils. Basically, if they were not effective, this would not happen. In December 2015, I was one of the first to read a newly released book on Dr. Young’s life, published by his wife, Mary. His life’s story is phenomenal. The book is one hard to put down. One will understand the obstacles he faced from nearly dying in a lumber accident when a young man, to owning several hundred acres of Black Spruce trees in Canada along the highway he drove past with his timber semi-trucks many years ago.

Currently, it seems information abounds regarding essential oils. It can make one’s head spin! As I grow my Young Living team I want you to know I’m honored to learn from those who have been with the Company for years. I’m going to try to help those who want to join this journey with me to sign up with my help or on your own using this link.

You will see that there are two ways to enjoy Young Living products. Becoming a wholesale Member enables my patients/friends to obtain Young Living Essential Oils/Nutrients at a 24% discount. There will be initial membership fees when one invests in a one-time "starter kit" which helps to become familiar with the more popular products. The value of this starter kit exceeds the actual costs of the products for first-time Members!

Signing up as a retail Customer allows one to purchase Young Living products but you must pay retail with no discounts. There are no other initial membership fees as a retail Customer.

Either way, one needs my Member #1104633 to be able to purchase from Young Living. You might want to simply become a Customer at no extra sign-up fees and try their products first…then let me know if you’d like to become a Member and I can help to sign you up.

For people who sign up as a Member on my team, I will offer you a free Zyto Elite scan of Young Living products to see which frequencies align with your body’s needs. See the following link for more information on Zyto technology which I’ve used for the past several years.


I order products monthly on the monthly Essential Rewards program. By using this plan, I save money on shipping, collect ER “points” that accrue and can be used later for products that I use and love!

I love Young Living’s antioxidant drink, Ningxia Red. My grandson called it “ginger juice” when a toddler and still likes it to this day at age 11. It is made from organic wolfberries from China. The dried wolfberries can be purchased as well and make a satisfying tea in colder weather!

The ART skin care products make my face feel soft and helps it to look more youthful.

I order from the Thieves line of products monthly on Essential Rewards and use them to brush my teeth, wash my hands, clean my house…I take the Thieves hand sanitizer and Thieves spray in my purse when I’m in public and need to wipe off a questionable table in a restaurant/shopping cart handle/tray tables on a plane. We even use Thieves as a carpet cleaner rather than the chemicals one often buys to use with the rental cleaners.

I have a diffuser on my desk in my office, in my reception area, in my bedroom, in my kitchen and in the downstairs bath where the kitty litter box resides. I use the diffusers daily. One can use calming oils like Lavender or an uplifting oil like Lemon or Peppermint to help support one’s Neurological system. A newly published book by one of Young Living’s top Diamond members, Aroma Breathe, would be an excellent way to experience essential oils in your life.


You need to know that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not permit anyone to "make claims" about a non-researched product "curing" a disease or dysfunction. It does not matter that mankind has survived through millennia using oils, herbs, dilutions of natural substances to promote health and healing. Only drugs can "treat" dysfunctions in this country.

References abound on essential oil therapy. Once a Member, do not forget to peruse Young Living's information in your Back Office on their website. You will learn TONS of useful information there! I will be happy to advise my team members as to where to go for other references.


Up line from me is Renee Renz (Flagstaff, AZ) and above her is Connie Bynum (Scottsdale, AZ).

  1. Connie Bynum:
    1. Once a YL member, you can become a member of Connie’s Peppermint Angels Facebook team.
      1. Connie’s Facebook Page: Peppermint Angels
        1. You must go to Facebook and ask Connie to join. She will look you up to confirm you are a Member of her team/downline and you’re in!
        2. This is a good way to search for previous discussion/topics, learn about classes, new ideas, etc.
  2. Renee Renz